This site was created using WordPress. It is a site where the content is managed by the owner of the web site. The webmaster, Larry Davis in this case, creates the site and the data base and then trains the owner on how to change or modify the web site content.

This type of web site is extremely cost-effective for the small to medium sized business looking to get their business on the Internet.

This web site has a good sampling of the modules a business owner might desire to have on his site but it is by no means a comprehensive display of all the modules available. The list of pages available can be activated or deactivated by either the Web master or the owner of the site.

Feel free to create an account and explore this site and add some content to see just how easy it is to use but please use discretion about the subject matter as this is a family oriented site.

Let’s say that you like this site and after registering and trying it out, you want more information. What do you do?

I would suggest heading to the FAQ section where you can find more details to help you decide if this type of a site is right for your business.

Remember, just as one type of food does not please everyone one type of web site will not work for every type of business and business owner.
This is updated today.

But even if this is not right for you, you at least have more information and will know when you find the right type of web site.

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